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When our clients are successful, we are successful. 

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Accounting isn’t a necessary evil- it is an intricate tool that when used properly enhances prosperity and profit. We have found that when we take away the accounting stress from the business owner, they are
able to grow their business because they have more time to do what they are passionate about. Our mission is to give our clients financial peace of mind and confidence so they can focus on operating and
developing their business to its full potential.


We never want business owners to think they have waited too long, have too much of a mess, or feel too overwhelmed to reach out. We are here to help at any stage. We have a variety of services to offer-from cleaning up (or sometimes creating) books, to monthly or quarterly bookkeeping for the small business owner to advisory and outsourced CFO services.

It is never too late to hire Paxus.
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We are QuickBooks certified.


All of our Paxus team members are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors and are annually recertified.  We specialize in QuickBooks Online and invest heavily in continuous improvement among today's top accounting applications that sync with Quickbooks. This allows us to stay "in the know" with the latest software capabilities and business tools that Quickbooks has to offer.  We are able to help save our clients money by automating and streamlining services as well as staying relevant in our ever evolving technology - based world.  Contact us today and let us help you with your QuickBooks questions.


We have a layered method to our bookkeeping services.   One Paxus team member will maintain organization within the chart of accounts and perform timely bank reconciliations.  If the client wishes us to handle their invoicing, pay their bills, or run their payroll, we can provide those services as well.  The second layer of review is when a separate Paxus team member reviews the financials and prepares sales tax returns or payroll tax filings as needed. For our clients who have signed on for advisory services, the final review step will be performed by a CPA who will provide a thorough analysis on a company’s financial health based on pre-determined KPIs. 

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Communication is Key


Communication is key.  We relay information to the business owner regularly to make sure we are accurately classifying business transactions.  We believe the more we know about the business owners’ goals and challenges, the better advice we can give.  For this reason, we work on a monthly flat- fee price.  We want our clients to willingly call us when they have questions, no matter how difficult, or to seek our expert guidance when faced with a business challenge

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